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September 6, 2008

Boy bands on your back. Forever. In Wales.

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I hoped this Welsh woman’s giant tattoo of Westlife was a first. Sadly, I was wrong. It’s not even the first in Wales, as this Westlife fan got there first.

The first Westlife back tattoo lady is probably dying of envy that the second Westlife back tattoo lady not only ripped off her concept but actually got Westlife to sign her back and immortalised this in ink. Can it be long before the Swansea Valley woman gets Westlife to add their signatures and a tattoo artist to etch these into her skin? Will this end up in a huge rivalry where the two women fight to cover more and more of their bodies with Westlife images as their collective seven children turn to drinking, drugs and sex to blot out the pain of having a Westlife tattooed mum? I’ll bet it does.

How does Bryan McFadden feel about his early departure from Westlife preventing him from spending life on the backs of Welsh women? I bet he feels good.


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