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August 2, 2008

Les Worlds Apart

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The most baffling thing you will ever see.

A disturbing feature of boy band videos is the shared love interest. All 4 or 5 boy band members coo and serenade a solitary model because they all just want a special lady in their lives. The same one, apparently. However, in this, the most disturbing boy band video of all time, the love interest for all 5 members of Worlds Apart isn’t just shared. It is an orangutan. Your jaw WILL drop as you watch the above clip in which they gaze adoringly at an orangutan, stroke the orangutan, kiss the orangutan and even try to enjoy a candlelit dinner with the orangutan. While most of them are wearing dungarees (although the orangutan is naked). In the end they all stroll off hand in hand with the orangutan.

Being big in Japan (or more commonly Malaysia) is common enough for British boy bands who fail to make it on home turf. Worlds Apart were big in France, which apparently has a relaxed attitude to bestiality I was unaware of but doesn’t wholly surprise me. After a string of minor hits on home turf they found the other side of the channel more receptive and began recording in French. Lineup changes meant that in 1994 they recruited Nathan Moore from minor Stock, Aitken, Waterman recorded boy band, Brother Beyond. Being already pushing 30 failed to prevent Nathan from becoming a French pin up and Worlds Apart continued to enjoy dwindling success in France and Germany into the 21st century. After a brief hiatus they reformed as a 3 piece in 2007 meaning that Nathan’s boy band career has now (off and on) spanned 22 years. As manager of Lisa Scott-Lee on MTV’s Totally Scott-Lee he was seen neglecting his managerial duties in favour of pursuing his own comeback. His reality TV career continued with the all time great, Boys Will be Girls, in which he managed members of Scooch, Fast Food Rockers and 5boyz as they attempted to pass themselves off as a girl band called the Honeytraps. But that’s another entry.

In an unfortunate honeytrap related note, Nathan hit the news in 2004 when he pleaded guilty to soliciting a woman police officer saying that he was innocent but trying to avoid interest in his personal life. Unfortunately for him press interest continued when a PR agent (not his own) claimed to have been his boyfriend for 13 years. Nathan married (a woman) last year and whatever the truth of his personal life, at least only humans have been involved, and he wasn’t featured in Worlds Apart’s simian love fest.


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